Maryland Common Lodging Law

1.) The Parent or Guardian of each Registered Guest under the age of 18 must sign a separate Contract taking responsibility for the minors expenses for room and board as well as damages and damage deposit.

2.) All unrelated Guests occupying the same accommodations must present a valid drivers license or other photo identification at check-in.

3.) All Guests occupying a room or unit must be registered to that room or unit. Each registered person is responsible for that room including charges or damages.

4.) The Hotelkeeper (The Barefoot Mailman Motel) reserves the right to ask any unregistered guest to leave the property for any reason at any time of the day or night.

5.) ANY Person who disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of the vacation of other Hotel guests due to noise or inappropriate behavior will be asked to vacate the property in accordance with the law.

6.) The Hotel has the right to refuse service or remove a guest for the following reasons:

  • Inability or refusal to pay for lodging
  • Creating a “Public Nuisance”, intoxication, and/or disorderly conduct
  • Destruction of property or threatening to destroy property
  • Possession or use of controlled substances
  • Breaking HOUSE RULES

Barefoot Mailman Motel HOUSE RULES

1.) NO MORE than FOUR (4) Unrelated persons may occupy a unit in the ocean block buildings of The Barefoot Mailman Motel regardless of age.

2.) Signed RENTAL CONTRACTS are required from all unrelated guests.

3.) It is the policy of the Barefoot Mailman Motel to contact the Ocean City Police Department if there is under age possession of alcohol or suspected illegal activity.

4.) This Hotel requires a credit card embossed with the name of the registered guest upon check-in for Security Guarantee and incidentals. Otherwise, a $300.00 cash security deposit is required.

5.) NO Refunds for early departures. This policy is FIRM.

6.) Eviction due to illegal activity including but not limited to under age possession of alcohol may result in forfeiture of monies paid.

7.) ALL Rules will be strictly enforced and immediate action taken. Failure to comply with these rules may result in forfeiture of monies paid.

8.) Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED in any unit that is registered to a group of unrelated persons if ANY of those persons are under 21 years of age.